Airbags (L004 Spirit) – Recyclable & inflatable

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Minimum Order Quantity100
Dimensions28H x 16W x 12D (approximately as will vary with different size bottles in it)
DetailsRecyclable inflatable Airbags (work best used in conjunction with Post Me® packs, but sold separately)

**Recycle via REDcycle program (Coles & Woolworths)

  • Easy to store – box of 200 (non-inflated) has the following dimensions: 50cm x 34cm x 15cm
  • Inflation
  • PSI 10-12 Easy to inflate – you can use a small hand held compressor or a bigger version & wind back the PSI to 10-12 – takes only a few seconds to inflate / can use anything that you’d inflate an air mattress with – super easy
  • A clever one-way valve is used to inflate the recyclable partitioned plastic
  • Once inflated fully, they will stay inflated for months
  • If the bottle is larger than standard size (eg Magnum, some spirit bottles) it
  • can also be inserted into a non-inflated airbag, then inflated around the bottle
  • Recyclable / environmentally friendly
  • Can be re-used or just snip the top off to deflate, then put out with your recyclables
  • Offer superior protection & insulative qualities
  • Can bear 60~120kg of pressure without breaking
  • Can have inflated airbags ready to go
  • Can inflate as required, very quick & easy
  • Great add on service to offer to consumers at Cellar & Distillery door