New Packaging Enquiry: Essential Details

1. How to Measure your bottle.

It’s astonishing but online measurements can be wrong!

Take a soft tape measure – something like this:

Measure From the base to the top of the cork or lid

(insert picture)

Measure the WIDEST part of you bottle – this might not be the base.

(insert picture using a bottle where base is not the widest – I didn’t have one)

Measure the DEEPEST part – and use a flat ruler each end to get an accurate number!

(insert picture)

2. Select the Product/s you like

Visit our products page for lots of options.

Can’t find what you are looking? Select the “Custom Created” option and upload images or a sketch of what you are thinking will suit.

We can source quotes for most options, and have custom created some amazing boxes – including no glue eco-friendly ones.

3. Fill in the form

4. Upload your branding.

If you’re after a branded box upload your logo

Ideally add some details about the kind of design you have in mind.

Even a quick sketch will do!

(insert image example)